Overcome Writer's Block - Enroll in How to Slay Writer's Block

FREE Course and Guided Meditation How to Slay Writer's Block 

Join me for a six-part course and in a guided meditation where I'll teach you how to overcome writer's block and write with impact, joy and soul. 

 During this course, I will teach you:

  • Powerful strategies that help you silence your creativity-sabotaging inner critic.  
  • Tips to transform overwhelm into inspiration.
  • Tools to help you turn writing that falls flat into a deep, sensory experience for your readers.  
  • Skills to help you work through limiting beliefs you have about failure and ways to help you use failure to your advantage.
  •  A system to cultivate your authentic voice, your self-worth and your love for writing.
Chloe Sophia, Content Writer

“Writing content every day for work, I found myself feeling tired, frustrated and blocked when it came to working on my book in the evenings - a passion project that’s very important to me. Alana’s daily guidance was just what I needed to bring me back to authenticity. Reconnecting to myself and my purpose again through the quick tips and video content meant the words soon began to flow. Thank you Alana for guiding me gracefully back to creativity!”  

Chloe Sophia, Content Editor 

“You want a message that’s powerful, subtle, and utterly you. And, you’re not willing to waste your precious time and energy toiling to put your best-expressed self in writing.”

— Alana Helapitage, Writer and Message Consultant

Alana Helapitage

As a writer and message consultant, I'm dedicated to unearthing your true message. My passion is helping you slay self-doubt and overwhelm, tell your life-changing stories, create impactful content, and hone your voice.

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